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-Frequently Asked Questions-

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Our recruitment process inside Nova SBE is held twice per year: during the Fall semester and during the Spring semester. Check our updates in the Work section about recruitment.

Fall 21' recruitment will be open from 1-15 of September.

I'm a student at Nova SBE. When can I apply?

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At Nova Nudge we mainly offer pro-bono behavioural consultancy for smaller organisations that do not have a direct access to consulting based on behavioural science insights.Our mission is to democratise behavioural science: to reach this goal, our teams find initiatives that can help us reach the goal through Marketing, PR, Research. If you share our same purpose, we offer a dynamic environment where you can learn fast and get a taste of different dimensions on a day-to-day basis.

What do I get from Nova Nudge?


Yes, we are always looking for collaborators that can help us achieve higher! Use the get in touch form to book a call or send us a spontaneous application!

I want to contribute, but I'm not from the Nova network. Can I apply?


The Nudge approach has the purpose of influencing behaviour of individuals and organizations by deploying behavioural science insights about the specific constructs that drive our decisions in practice. Using a nudge intervention means to change a behaviour by carefully studying the environment where the decision takes place rather than limiting the freedom of choice.

Learn more by reading Our Articles.

What is Nudge?

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